A passion for art, culture and design lead me to study Graphic Design in college. I received the Bachelors in Graphic Design at the Freie Hochschule fuer Grafik-Design & Bildende Kunst in Freiburg, Southern Germany. At my university, which is well known for its art program, my curriculum had a strong emphasis on graphic design, illustration, typography, corporate identity, fine arts, layout and photography, which allowed me to experience and develop clean German/Swiss design skills.

I have had a wide number of experiences in design/art production ranging from photography, pre-post press jobs, designing prints, logo design, to website layouts in my quest to learn new skills and challenge myself.

Working in the US has further expanded my horizons, allowing me the opportunity  to work on exciting design AND art projects.

Among other clients, I have been employed at “Great Place to Work®” a full service San Francisco-based agency. As part of the international marketing team, I took care of marketing materials such as ads, publications, flyers, posters, banners, invitations, logos and graphics for affiliates around the world.

My art portfolio: www.instagram.com/naturesdiversity



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